CE Certification


You can expect that the life of all DJO products will be long and free of problems. In addition to optimum safety, the brand guarantees top quality, optimum user friendliness and a high comfort level.


Medical devices have become an increasingly important health care area in relation to their impact on health and health care expenditure. The public expects that these devices meet the highest safety standards. The European Commission has set up a legislative framework, developed involving extensive stakeholder consultation. EC-certification is based on this framework (CE-mark = CE=Conformité Européenne). Products imported to EES (European Economical Space) have to comply with the European standards. Products with an EC-certificate are in accordance with European safety, health and environmental requirements.


DJO’s production and products meet European standards. The Certification Body of TUV Product Service GmbH declares that DJO has implemented a quality assurance system for the manufacture according to Annex V, section 3 of the Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.